Pro-Level Manometer - Patented Survey Quality Water Level

Patented Survey Quality Water Level

Pro-Level Manometer in upright configuration

Pro-Level Manometer in upright configuration.

Pro-Level Manometer in inverted configuration

Pro-Level Manometer in inverted configuration.
(inversion kit required)

Pro-Level Manometer quick connect coupling

Pro-Level Manometer quick connect coupling.

Pro-Level Manometer in carrying bag

Pro-Level Manometer in carrying bag

Pro-Level Manometer in carrying bag.


The Pro-Level Manometer Easily Surveys in "Blind" Areas Behind Walls, Equipment, or Other Obstructions!

The Pro-Level Manometer has been designed with several unique features that make it extremely versatile and very easy to use.

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The reservoir (constructed of heavy gauge acrylic and ABS plastic) is designed with a hollow center that permits it to slide and adjust anywhere along the central stand tube of the tripod stand. The reservoir can also be completely removed from the stand to allow for filling. This feature also allows you to set the reservoir at any elevation independent of the stand for surveys in areas of particularly high or low levels.

Invertible Tripod Stand

With our inversion kit, the reservoir stand has the capability to be set-up in either an upright configuration or an inverted configuration allowing the reservoir to be positioned at any height from 8 inches to 6.5 feet above ground level. This feature enables the reservoir to be adjusted to low elevations for measuring in confined areas such as crawl spaces. The legs of the stand also have telescoping aluminum extensions that facilitate set-up on uneven ground surfaces or steps. The stand folds down to a compact length of 40" for easy transport and storage. In addition, the measuring rod stores in the central tube section of the stand.

Quick Connect Couplings

The reservoir, hose, and measuring rod have been fitted with snap-lock couplings with automatic shut-off valves. This allows for quick set-up and disassembly and the ability to store water in both the reservoir and hose, further adding to the ease of set-up.

Measuring Rod (Stadia)

The measuring rod (constructed of telescoping aluminum tubing) can be adjusted to any length from 39" to 72" with three locking positions at 39", 54", and 72". It can also be configured to measure upper level surfaces such as ceilings. The graduated transparent measuring tube (29" scaled buterite plastic) is secured to the main body of the rod by three adjustable molded plastic clips that enable positioning of the graduated tube anywhere along the upper rod section. The central clip can also be used as a reference to mark specific readings. The rod comes standard scaled in tenths of inch graduations. Other scales are available upon request.

Storage & Transport

The Pro-Level Manometer is designed to be stored upright resting on the top end of the reservoir. We also offer an accessory carrying bag which can be purchased at additional cost. Carry the Pro-Level Manometer by grasping one of the legs and holding horizontally.


Pro-Level Manometer - Patented Survey Quality Water Level

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