Pro-Level Manometer - Patented Survey Quality Water Level

Patented Survey Quality Water Level

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Floor survey with Pro-Level Manometer, showing use in blind area behind wall.

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Taking a reading from the scaled vial.


The Most Versatile and Easy To Use Survey Quality Water Level Available!

The unique features and design of the Pro-Level Manometer will ensure you of both accuracy and significant time savings on your leveling jobs. The Pro-Level Manometer is so simple to use that you will be able to easily train technician level personnel, freeing up your more skilled personnel and saving you money.


The Pro-Level Manometer can be used both as a survey instrument (to measure existing elevations) and as a measuring instrument for construction leveling. The most common survey uses include measuring elevations on building floors to investigate for differential foundation movement, measuring ceilings and flat roofs to identify areas of structural sagging, and measuring exterior slabs or decks to locate areas of improper drainage. Construction uses include: setting level lines for foundations, counters, false ceilings, cabinets, etc. and sloping lines for drainage grade, drainage lines, etc. The Pro-Level Manometer can also be used as a monitoring device for measuring movement on structures during leveling operations such as mud-jacking and house leveling. The uses are almost endless.


The Pro-Level Manometer has several distinct advantages over more sophisticated survey instruments such as a transit or laser level. First, the Pro-Level Manometer requires only one person to operate. Second, the Pro-Level Manometer can be used efficiently in very tight spaces where it would be impossible to use an optical instrument. Finally, and most importantly, the Pro-Level Manometer can be used in "blind" areas obscured from a direct line of sight to the reference elevation (reservoir). This advantage allows surveying in areas behind walls inside buildings as depicted in the diagram to the left. In addition, the Pro-Level Manometer is self leveling and sets up in less than two minutes.


A manometer works on the principle that a fluid such as water equalizes to the same exact elevation on both sides of a U-shaped tube. Contrary to many opinions, manometers are highly accurate survey instruments, with the potential of measuring to within thousandths of an inch. Even today, manometers are used in industries such as aircraft manufacturing to position critical components inside confined spaces to tolerances of thousandths of an inch.

The Pro-Level Manometer is designed to read accurately within the measuring range of the transparent tube on the measuring rod without requiring application of correction calculations. This is achieved by the large reservoir to measuring tube surface area ratio (approximately 510:1). For example, the amount of error in a survey with 5 inches of total differential is less than 0.0098 inches (1/510 X 5"). This value is well below the effective measuring resolution (0.05") of the instrument.

Pro-Level Manometer Use Inside Building This diagram shows how easy and efficient it is to survey, with the Pro-Level Manometer, inside buildings where walls visually divide the survey area. The person seen here is free to move from room to room to take elevation measurements, without requiring a line-of- sight to the reservoir stand (reference elevation).

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Pro-Level Manometer - Patented Survey Quality Water Level

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